chef karina
Chef Karina Laranjeira

Karina is a Chef Nutritionist & Educator, Cordon Bleu-certified Chef, Credentialed Culinary Arts Instructor and owner of FIT FOOD 4 LIFE...

She is esponsible for teaching diverse, high school students, whom she helps in the job placement, the ART OF CULINARY, HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT/ SUSTAINABILITY and NUTRITION with
emphasis on the Art of Plant Based Diets.

She was born in Brazil in a region where the traditions of food and the Portguese and African influences are very strong.

Her recipes are for busy people who wish to stay healthy and don't have much to cook.

EXECUTIVE CHEF- Bella Trattoria Restaurant – San Francisco

Directed Food and
Beverage in all phases of menu, and product development to ensure that all food served is
monitored for taste, visual appeal, established portions and acceptable waste and cost insisting on meticulously clean and organized environment and schedule/ Cultivated and develop
leadership skills of employees, promote and strongly encourage personal and professional


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